The Carl and Elise Eldh Foundation is a private foundation that was founded in 1963, it owns and operates the museum ever since. The foundation is led by a non-profit board. The foundation owns the museum building, its collection and the copyright to Carl Eldh’s work. The museum is mainly financed by cultural support from the City of Stockholm and operating grants from the Swedish Arts Council, as well as entrance fees, the museum shop sales, reproductions and through granted funds from various foundations, trusts and donations by sponsors.

In 2022, the running of the museum is funded through the City of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Council, Pontus Bonnier, Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Anne-Marie Lembcke and Royal Patriotic Society.

The board

Eva Schöld, Chairman of the board
Martin Rörby, Vice-chairman and member of the board
Sara Bourke, Member of the board
Åsa Ekelund, Member of the board
Axel Nordin, Member of the board
Roland Strömgren, Member of the board
Hans Dyhlén, Co-opted member of the board
Mats Hellström, Honorary member of the board

Joanna Nordin and Elle-Kari Gustafsson, Assisted secretaries