Past Exhibitions

In 2013, when Carl Eldh's studio celebrated its fiftieth year as a museum, a new gallery space for temporary exhibitions was inaugurated and the initiative taken to let contemporary art meet Carl Eldh’s work. At the moment one exhibition per summer season (April - October) is arranged.

Bella Rune 2020

Rahel Belatchew 2019

Carin Ellberg 2018

Maria Miesenberger 2017

Bianca Maria Barmen 2016

Ebba Matz 2015

Katrine Helmersson 2014

Charlotte Gyllenhammar 2013

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New exhibition. This year's exhibition with works by the artist…»

Events this fall. In October the museum is open on Sundays from 12…»

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Open 12-16; Thurs-Sun (May & Sept); Tue-Sun (Jun-Aug); Sun (Oct). Drop-in. Outside opening hours open for group tours by appointment and collaborative events, see current and the calendar for more information.
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