Charlotte Gyllenhammar

May 25October 27 2013.

Container, In Waiting, Reversed (2013, vax och trä) av Charlotte Gyllenhammar i Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum. Foto Urban Jörén

Carl Eldh’s Studio Museum is proud to present an exhibition with Charlotte Gyllenhammar in the season of 2013. Gyllenhammar is hereby the first artist in the initiative of the museum to let contemporary art meet Carl Eldh’s work. This exhibition also inaugurates the museum’s new gallery space in the part of the building that was added to the main studio in the 1960s to serve as an apartment.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar proceeds from the fact that Eldh’s studio was originally a work space, and tries to capture some of the processes that once took place there. In the new exhibition room, the artist has created a suggestive installation, and she also displays works in the large studio. On the day of the opening she conducted a performance in collaboration with the artists Johan Strandahl and Magnus Dahl, which was documented and is on display in the museum.

In the exhibition, Charlotte Gyllenhammar plays on various tensions toward Carl Eldh’s atelier. They are about dynamic relations between our contemporaneity and Eldh’s, but also about formal contrasts, where the artist focuses on the more invisible and absent aspects of the studio environment. We could, that is, expect that a lot of what we thought we knew will be turned on its head as Gyllenhammar deals with this milieu and views it from her perspective. A case in point here is the black, upside-down sculpture “Container, In Waiting, Reversed” (2013), which so assertively dominates the centre of the larger studio. These tensions, however, are not to be understood as negations of the studio of Eldh. Rather, they spark a dynamic where the well-known emerges for us as new.


Charlotte Gyllenhammar was trained at the Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm and the Royal College of Art in London. Her many exhibitions include “Revisit”, Wanås Sculpture Park (2011), “Deformation”, Gallery Christian Larsen (2009), “Private Idiot”, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Dunkers kulturhus and Borås kulturhus (2004-05). She participated in the 54th Venice Biennial (2011) with the film “Hang”, and partakes, at present, in Yoko Ono’s exhibition “Half-A-Wind Show” that travels from Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt to Louisiana outside Copenhagen to finally reach the Guggenheim Bilbao.

Just like Carl Eldh, Charlotte Gyllenhammar has created several public works, such as ”Absorbed” (2001), in Kräftriket, a short walk from Eldh’s studio. Among her other public commissions are “Raoul Wallenberg Memorial” in Gothenburg (2007), and an ongoing project in the new urban area Hyllie by Malmö Arena, which will be the largest coherent bronze sculpture of Northern Europe.

In 2012, Charlotte Gyllenhammar received the Prince Eugen Medal for outstanding artistic achievement. She is thereby the latest sculptor to receive the reward that Carl Eldh was the first recipient of, in 1945 (together with Erik Grate and Carl Milles).

For more information on Charlotte Gyllenhammar, please see her website.

See Aktuellt for exhibition reviews (in Swedish only).

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