Carl Eldh's Studio 100 Years

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Carl Eldh's original studio building turns 100 this year! Ragnar Östberg, the Stockholm City Hall architect, designed Eldh's studio. It was built in 1918-1919 with the support of the art patron John Josephson.

In 2019 we celebrate the centennial studio with special focus on the building:

Shadow Play, an exhibition with contemporary work by renowned Swedish architect Rahel Belatchew, May 16 through September 29 2019.

Belatchew c/o Östberg, guided tours of the exhibition by architectural historian Martin Rörby on June 6 at 11 am and September 12 at 5 pm (only in Swedish).

An artist talk between Rahel Belatchew and Martin Rörby on June 13 at 6 pm (only in Swedish).

An architecture and sculpture walk in the vicinity of the museum on September 8 at 3.30 pm (only in Swedish).

Guided tours about the building by Martin Rörby on November 30 at 1 pm and 3 pm (only in Swedish).

For more information about the exhibition and programs, see Exhibition and Current.

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