The Funding of the Museum

The financially precarious situation of the Carl Eldh Studio Museum is covered in an article by Sara Ullberg at TT, in connection with the decision of Stockholm's City council of culture this week regarding next year's support. The organization, the private Foundation Carl and Elise Eldh's Studio, owns the building and the collection, but lacks an endowment to run the museum, and is accordingly dependent upon external funding. Today, the museum is run for the most part by a cultural grant from the City of Stockholm, visitor entrance fees, museum shop sales, the occasional casting of Carl Eldh's work, scattered funds and foundations. The predicament of the museum is, in other words, unstable and the Foundation is in great need of sustained complementary support from, for example, the state, in order to secure the future of the museum. At stake is an invaluable cultural heritage and a prominent stately historic building with few comparable examples in Europe. Without sufficient financial support, the museum risks becoming unattainable to the public and threatened as such.


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