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Stockholm’s Culture Night 2022: Anden by Fathia Mohidin

23 April 2022 18:00-24 April 2022 00:00

During Stockholm’s Culture Night 2022, we present the sound work Anden by the artist Fathia Mohidin in a version developed especially for the unique environment that is Carl Eldh’s Studio Museum.

Among the several hundred sculptures shaped during Eldh’s artistic career, one can hear breathing, panting and breathing. The activity that evokes the sounds in Mohidin’s sound works is not always given: but whether it is effort, exhalation or lust, it is in the breath that the body takes in the spirit, it is here the body is filled with life.

Fathia Mohidin is interested in the physical body at work, and the values ​​and ideals involved in shaping our bodies. In the meeting with Eldh’s often idealized and vital sculptures, new perspectives are brought to life. Many of them were created during the early 20th century when irrational bodies were to be subordinated to the sensible body of society. How does the view of the strong and healthy body live on in our time? What are the consequences of these ideals?



About the artist

In Fathia Mohidin’s (b. 1985) work, media such as video, sound and sculpture are woven together with extensive research in larger installations. She continuously turns to sports and exercise as a starting point for reflecting on the body in relation to political, social and economic structures.

About the Culture Night 2022

With more actors than ever, you get the chance to experience Stockholm’s broad cultural life through both physical programs and digital live broadcasts, between 18:00 – 24:00 with free admission. Read more about the program on the culture night’s website.

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