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Britas salon: Various Artists

21 June 2023 17:30-19:00

In the more than a hundred-year-old studio, the band, consisting of performance artist Fatima Moallim, the composer and voice artist Sofia Jernberg and the arranger and music journalist Elena Wolay, offers a site-specific performance with drawing, voice, pre-recorded sound images and violin. For this occasion, Various Artists is guested by artist Ida Idaida.

About Various Artists

Since its inception, Various Artists was intended to be in constant flux, with lineups that change from occasion to occasion. The project moves in the borderland between art and music, and the emphasis is on improvisation. The artists let the spontaneously created music and art lead them into the unknown without the security that comes with predetermined plans. A performance can include elements as disparate as drawing both visually and the sound of pencils on paper, poetry and voice art.

The project was born when existential anxiety and stage fright hit Fatima Moallim just before an art performance. Then Jernberg and Wolay decided to join her on stage in an act of solidarity. There they improvised an ad hoc, multidisciplinary performance around Fatima’s work. The concept proved to be a success and now it has been given new life in the guise of Various Artists. The name fits both in the literal sense – the members are all active in the Swedish art scene – and in the practical sense that the term is used on generic credits on music collections, to denote that it is a collective of individual artists rather than a clearly defined unit.

The salon is part of the project Brita’s salon with the support of the Swedish Arts Council.

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