Britas salon

Britas salon

Carl and Elise Eldh’s daughter Brita Eldh (1907-2000) turned her father’s studio into a museum after his death in the 1950s, and ran the museum alone for a long time while she lived in an annex next to the museum. Brita was active at the site for over 45 years and her importance cannot be underestimated. The museum display of today – with its selection, its presentation of the collection, belongings and artworks, is largely her work.

During her time at the museum, Brita hosted cultural, poetry and music soirees, to which she invited the audience into art experiences and live performances among the artworks. We are now reviving this part of the museum’s history in a series of salons, as a tribute to Brita Eldh, her life and work.

Amongst the sculptures and other belongings left behind, musicians, writers and artists now meet the public in a series of salons. The focus is on a live setting and a vibrant atmosphere.

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Previous events
Britas salon: Various Artists

Britas salon: Various Artists

In the more than a hundred-year-old studio, the band, consisting of performance artist Fatima Moallim, the composer and voice artist Sofia Jernberg and the arranger and music journalist Elena Wolay, offers a site-specific performance with drawing, voice, pre-recorded sound images and violin.
Stockholm Culture Night: Spending Time with Ghosts - Ida-Johanna Lundqvist

Stockholm Culture Night: Spending Time with Ghosts – Ida-Johanna Lundqvist

During Stockholm Culture Night 2023, we present the exhibition Spending Time with Ghosts by artist Ida-Johanna Lundqvist. In the archive of hundreds of white plaster sculptures that make up Carl
Brita's salon: Spring concert with Linnéa Talp

Brita’s salon: Spring concert with Linnéa Talp

Carl Eldh's Studio Museum opens for the season by inviting you to an instrumental spring concert with the composer Linnéa Talp. Among hundreds of sculptures in the studio erected in

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