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The History of the Museum
Carl Eldh Studio Museum opened to the public in 1963, nine years after the artist's death. The building and its content has remained largely untouched since Carl Eldh himself lived and worked in the studio. Sketches in plaster and clay stand next to large plaster casts, as in the days of Eldh.

The museum exhibits works of art from every period of Carl Eldh's life, covering his rich and varied production. The two studio rooms are filled with statuettes, portrait busts and sculpture groups, as well as preliminary sketches to the many monuments he created. Most sculptures are in plaster, a smaller number of artworks are made in stone and bronze.

Brita_och_Elise_Eldh_1954.jpgCarl Eldh's unassuming personality is reflected in the museum, where the fragile plaster of the sculptures together with the simple décor help to create the special atmosphere of the studio. This well-preserved museum has few counterparts in Europe, and therefore provides a unique insight into the life and work of an artist during the first half of the 20th century.

The museum is run by Carl and Elise Eldh Studio Foundation, founded by their daughter Brita Eldh. Brita and her mother had been living in the USA since the 1920’s, and both of them returned to Sweden on the death of Carl Eldh in 1954. Brita then became the driving force in turning the studio into a museum.

In 1958, following Elise Eldh's death, Brita Eldh had the studio extended so that she could both work and live there. The museum opened in 1963 and Brita ran it on her own for a couple of decades. In the beginning of the 1990´s however, Brita's age and fading health put a halt to this. The guided tours stopped, and the museum closed. In 1995 the museum finally reopened under the charge of a new board and a new curator. Before reopening, the building was renovated and carefully modernised to be better suited for contemporary museum practice. Eldh's studio was open to the public every year, mainly during summertime, until the winter of 2006 when the museum was forced to close and evacuate the collection due to construction work for the Northern Link road in the rock directly below the museum. However, on the 50th anniversary of the first opening the Carl Eldh Studio Museum could again open to the public, now with extended activities and a new space for temporary exhibitions in the old living quarters.


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