The Garden

The Carl Eldh studio garden is separated from the surroundings by a tall, tarred fence. The studio is situated in Bellevue park, which traces back to the 18th century. Bordering between town and country the unspoilt nature appears exotic next to Roslagstull. The well-preserved buildings in the park beautifully represent Stockholm of past times. A winding road leads up from Roslagstull into the park and past "Paschens malmgård", a stone building from the 18th century, and a large wooden villa that dates back to the same time. Beside stands an old stable, with a tarred façade that harmonises with the Carl Eldh Studio further down the road. A bronze statue of August Strindberg, Young Strindberg in the Archipelago, stands at the crest of Bellevue Hill, and is one of Eldh's many depictions of the famous author. It was erected in 1968, 14 years after the sculptor's death.

19.-Blommor-ateljtrdgrden-Urban-Jrn-CEA.jpgThe sheltered environment enabled Carl Eldh to work outdoors in the studio garden. Eldh had no great interest in gardening and therefore his garden remained in character much like the surrounding nature. But when Eldh's wife Elise and daughter Brita returned to Sweden after his death, they began an ambitious plan for the garden. Still today traces of their garden arrangements remain, such as the magnificent rhododendron bushes in front of the house and the daylilies along the fence. By the gate of the museum stands an old oak tree which has been there ever since the studio was built in 1918-1919. To Eldh it was a symbol of both his home and his city, and during his travels he sometimes expressed a longing for "The Oak Tree", referring both to Stockholm and to this magnificent tree.

During the summer season, visitors may drink coffee in the studio garden, in the shade of the oak tree, or in the beautiful loggia that leads to the museum. Even today, the surroundings in and around Eldh's studio are filled with the calm that once led the artist to settle here.

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